Idea vs a dream

An idea is a preexisting notion of how you believe a certain condition or commodity will result from your input. Set by society, by a social standard, by the way you were raised and nurtured. The so called cause and effect, action and reaction is irrelevant in life. There are guidelines, yet so many variables which we do not control. An idea that loving someone automatically gains their trust and love in return. 


That’s why I prefer to dream. To lose myself in a vortex of positive outcomes in the hope of obliterating any negativity that may taint the muse in my eyes. Use your dreams to explore, to grow, to adventure. It’s free and only in them are you in complete control of the outcome. You may you relive the best moments in your mind. However consider it a drug with caution, balance it out, or get addicted to a pre tense that all is well.


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