Yuki Kegareta

It’s not an artist. As amazing as his name may seem. It means dirty snow in Japanese. He will be 2 this year. 

He’s this small ball of fur that won’t leave my side when I’m present. He cries when I’m gone and I’m not the best friend he could have but I try. 

For one thing he is spoiled. He has clothes, food, toys, gets to travel and is really loved. 

I got him to help someone feel more at home and not be so sad from being far away from home. And now he keeps me company.

Just because someone leaves your life or finds someone else is not a means to hate them. Love them the same. Don’t change who you are. Life is not a movie, be an adult. Make decisions, communicate, commit. Be honest. 
-just my mind talking to itself. 


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