Time traveler

I feel like the standard for measuring time does not necessarily correlate to Modern society.

 People are so disconnected from the world, from other people, even with the advantage of technology to connect and interact. It’s not about making contact, but about the likes, about self consciousness by others integrating you into the world with their acknowledgement of your existence.

Stop and look up at the world. Breathe. Notice your surroundings. Feel the air, your environment. How the time must fly, literally for the birds with a shorter life span than us. 

Travel in time, be a time traveler. Connect yourself to the people around you, to this home. Find people you love and feel the time flow like molasses. It’s that feeling you get when you go home to family and don’t want to leave. The excitement you feel when seeing her/him after a long day of work. 

Time isn’t a tick tock. It’s the connection and feelings that get you through life. The memories are just that, feelings you had in life.

Travel in time, so that you can travel back when this dimension must perish for you as it is an irreversible progression.

-a time traveler


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