And he lived happily ever after.

Sometimes the best moments in life are when you are alone. It’s within our nature to want to socialize, to reproduce. But why? 

Just when you think you’re happy. You step on the bear trap and lose a foot. You go through life living disappointment after another.

I wonder what my next disappointment will be. I don’t see one in my future. I’ll just live a day at a time.

Time traveler

I feel like the standard for measuring time does not necessarily correlate to Modern society.

 People are so disconnected from the world, from other people, even with the advantage of technology to connect and interact. It’s not about making contact, but about the likes, about self consciousness by others integrating you into the world with their acknowledgement of your existence.

Stop and look up at the world. Breathe. Notice your surroundings. Feel the air, your environment. How the time must fly, literally for the birds with a shorter life span than us. 

Travel in time, be a time traveler. Connect yourself to the people around you, to this home. Find people you love and feel the time flow like molasses. It’s that feeling you get when you go home to family and don’t want to leave. The excitement you feel when seeing her/him after a long day of work. 

Time isn’t a tick tock. It’s the connection and feelings that get you through life. The memories are just that, feelings you had in life.

Travel in time, so that you can travel back when this dimension must perish for you as it is an irreversible progression.

-a time traveler

Yuki Kegareta

It’s not an artist. As amazing as his name may seem. It means dirty snow in Japanese. He will be 2 this year. 

He’s this small ball of fur that won’t leave my side when I’m present. He cries when I’m gone and I’m not the best friend he could have but I try. 

For one thing he is spoiled. He has clothes, food, toys, gets to travel and is really loved. 

I got him to help someone feel more at home and not be so sad from being far away from home. And now he keeps me company.

Just because someone leaves your life or finds someone else is not a means to hate them. Love them the same. Don’t change who you are. Life is not a movie, be an adult. Make decisions, communicate, commit. Be honest. 
-just my mind talking to itself. 

Idea vs a dream

An idea is a preexisting notion of how you believe a certain condition or commodity will result from your input. Set by society, by a social standard, by the way you were raised and nurtured. The so called cause and effect, action and reaction is irrelevant in life. There are guidelines, yet so many variables which we do not control. An idea that loving someone automatically gains their trust and love in return. 


That’s why I prefer to dream. To lose myself in a vortex of positive outcomes in the hope of obliterating any negativity that may taint the muse in my eyes. Use your dreams to explore, to grow, to adventure. It’s free and only in them are you in complete control of the outcome. You may you relive the best moments in your mind. However consider it a drug with caution, balance it out, or get addicted to a pre tense that all is well.

Standing moon 

And you wake up consciously breathing that person, the same one that rocks your very being to sleep into a surreal dream. A fantasy that cannot be significantly real without two beings. 
Yet the wandering mind does that, wander. 1,604 miles of wandering, wondering if you see the same moon I see. Perspective does not change the fact the moon is the moon. Thus the sun will always be the sun. Love will always be love, just a different perspective.

Who is the fonzi?

The one and only. The fonzi! An old soul and wandering body. This isn’t a journal by any means. More like an outlet for random thoughts and ideas in the process of finding an owner or evolving into a tangible object not necessarily restricted by touch,  emotion or spirit. 

-there’s a thought or idea you want to talk about. 

-a new recipe to try out?

The fonzi is here hah!